Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dear State Farm II

Dear Mark:

I feel flattered that so many State Farm agents in Vegas are soliciting my business. Please see the appended e-mail to your colleague Jeff for a brief summary of why the odds of me using State Farm as an insurer are slightly worse than State Farm wishing Fidel Castro a happy birthday.

Best regards ~ Kat

Dear Cake Poker

Hello Kat, 
Thank you for your email. 
Due to the current delays we are experiencing with cashouts, I'm afraid we cannot confirm a timeframe as we could not guarantee a timeframe and we do not wish to mislead you. We are hoping you won't be waiting much longer and we will email you as soon as the funds have been sent. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

Kind Regards,

CakePoker Support


Dear CakePoker Support:

Concerning your previous e-mail and the continued "pending" status of my withdrawal... I appreciate your desire "not to mislead" me, but given the ridiculous amount of time this withdrawal is taking to process I'd prefer you to give me a timeframe even if it is a complete guess. If this turns out to mislead me at least I will have a fleeting period of hope that I might actually see these funds, whereas the current situation offers no hope whatsoever.

Thanks ~ Kat

Dear State Farm

Hi Jeff:

I'd be most grateful if you'd take me off your mailing list. I have used State Farm in the past for my insurance needs, but would never consider doing so again. The fact that State Farm uses its profits to support the social-engineering neo-fascists at ALEC is bad enough, but my previous experience with State Farm in Kansas was so abysmal that my opinion of the company couldn't be lower. Of course it's quite possible that your own office runs smoothly, since basing anything on what happens in Kansas is probably unfair. I swear some of the people working in the Lawrence office had webbed feet. But your national TV commercials are horrible too, so... you know... let's save time and paper.

Best regards ~ Kat