Monday, July 5, 2010


Driving at night, no lights, no hope
The lake, the Moon, the girl
She doesn’t know me, I don’t know her
How else could we have been so close?

You look ill now so I’m told
All that shivers is not cold

Living at night, notorious ghosts
She kisses my hair as I stroke hers
Movie lights turn both our faces blue
Used to think the color suited you

But things change
Your old life pulled you away
And dragged you down
Crushed your smile to a frown
I didn’t recognize you

You look ill now so I’m told
All that shivers is not cold
Neon blue your empty eyes
All you are now fear and lies

But I remember Jessica
The way she used to be
When she believed in everything
When she believed in me
Yeah I remember Jessica
When summer turned to fall
And she’d breathe in and laugh aloud
And talk about the things she loved
With a passion and a lust for life
Monet and cats
Umberto Eco
Jimi Hendrix
Jack and coke
Thunderstorms and snow in April
And the future that she wanted that was full of hope
But that she lost the will to take
And drowned it in a lake
What a fucking stupid waste

I remember Jessica
I remember Jessica
Farewell to absent friends


  1. That's one of your best songs/poems but it's fucking sad.

  2. All the more important perhaps to integrate it via song

  3. Yeah, I agree. I have a whole bunch of emo songs I need to put together sometime.

    You still need to come out with a CD of these things. I'm sure it would sell amongst your poker friends and ex students and ex colleagues and friendlier exes and whatnot :)