Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Reptile Who Fell Out Of Time

Stephanie was stupefied
She couldn't suss the rules of the game
Somewhere outside Chesterfield
The Romanies were asking her name
None of them got married
It was really kind of tragic
There was something in the water
That had taken all the magic away

Genevieve was justified
In doubting every word that I said
I really couldn't help myself
How else d'you think I'd get her in bed?
“Lying” sounds so loaded
“Verbal art” is more the mode
There was something in the fiction
That encoded every thought in my head

Caroline was serpentine
She slithered in and out of my world
Laughing like a lizard
With a tongue for all the boys and the girls
She would only meet me
When my mind was half asleep
Then she showed me round her dungeon
As we listened to The Cure and The Furs

Subterranean sister of mine
Kaleidoscope girl Caroline
The reptile who fell out of time
The reptile who fell out of time

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